SAMÜ'de akademisyenlere başarı ödülleri verildi Rektör Aydın: “Marifet iltifata tabidir"

Değerli Rektörümüz Prof. Dr. Mahmut AYDIN, çalışmalarımızı takdir ederek; bizleri onurlandırdı. Şahsım ve akademisyen arkadaşlarım adına hocamıza teşekkür ediyorum. Samsun Üniveristesi SAMÜ'de akademisyenlere başarı ödülleri verildi Rektör Aydın: “Marifet iltifata tabidir"

SIU 2017

Cardiotocography analysis based on segmentation-based fractal texture decomposition and extreme learning machine Fetal heart rate (FHR) has notable patterns for the assessment of fetal physiology and typical stress conditions. FHR signals are obtained using cardiotocography (CTG) devices also providing uterine activities simultaneously and fetal movements. In this study, a total of 88 records consisting of 44 normal and 44 hypoxic fetuses instances obtained from publicly available CTU-UHB database have been considered. The basic morphological features supporting clinical diagnosis, the powers of 4 different spectral bands and Lempel Ziv complexity have been used to define FHR signals. Also, it has been proposed to use segmentation-based fractal texture analysis (SFTA) to identify the signals more accurately. The obtained feature set was applied as the input to extreme learning machine (ELM) with 5-fold cross-validation method. According to experimental results, 79.65% of accuracy,

Filter Bubble

Filter Bubble The term of filter bubble caught my attention when I was read a magazine. I said myself "What is filter bubble?"  I watched a video by Eli Pariser who is a web activist. Eli claims that filter bubble has restricted us. The online algorithms only present us the results what is associated with our online habits such as clicks, shopping, searches, likes, and comments.  This phenomenon is explained with "filter bubble" by Eli. If you are interested in filter bubble, you should watch video shared below.   Eli Pariser - Filter Bubble

Evaluation of Fetal Distress Diagnosis during Delivery Stages based on Linear and Nonlinear Features of Fetal Heart Rate for Neural Network Community

Abstract Cardiotocography (CTG) is a fetal monitoring technique used to determine the distress level of the fetus during pregnancy and delivery. CTG consists of two different signals including fetal heart rate (FHR) and uterine contraction (UC) activities. The linear features of FHR are the most powerful prognostic indices to ascertain whether the fetus in distress. In addition, it is observed that nonlinear features have produced very great results on the time series analysis in recently. In this context, the classification success of the neural network community designed based on the linear and nonlinear features of FHR is analyzed for the delivery process evaluated in three stages. The experimental results have shown that the system designed to distinguish normal and pathological instances is achieved the best classification accuracy at the first stage of the analysis. Also, the greatest contribution of nonlinear features to the classification accuracy is observed at the sec

Dünya CBS Günü 2015 Zirve ve Sergi Etkinliği

Dünya CBS Günü 2015 Zirve ve Sergi Etkinliği

Web-Based Applications with a Hybrid Model Personnel Information System Design

We attended Academic Computing Conference in Eskişehir, Turkey. Web-Based Applications with a Hybrid Model Personnel Information System Design Personnel Information System, is a web-based automation that provides to share information, to enhance communication and interaction between site visitors and personnel with modular structure on their own domain name. PIS has been prepared by using current web technologies and object-oriented programming techniques. The application has been developed with a quality that both can be shared its own information with other applications and can be produced new content by getting new information from other applications in hybrid model logic. In this context, SOAP/WSDL is used as synchronous and asynchronous and AD-LDAP integration of the application has been made. The application has been provided to work together with such as blog, personal website and Google Maps, furthermore it has been made to produce RSS depending on the preferences of e

Electronic Request Management System

Abstract: Quality management with the most general terms; is a set of systematic studies carried out, the workflow process takes place in an organization, a continuous cycle of improvement in the standard of service and satisfaction in the services and the creation of the masses in order. In this study, the structure and functioning of web-based system called the Electronic Request Management System has been presented. It has been developed to ensure that the processing and management, receipt of the online request form produced under ISO 9001 quality studies in Bitlis Eren University. Electronic Request Management System provides on-line such as the realization of the process, creating requests, monitoring the requests for distribution to staff, termination and archiving, to receive services from the departments. In addition, the Electronic Request Management System offers a contribution of a management approach that is scalable, traceable and transparent with producing the wide ra